Spring Term so far!


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My apologies for such a delayed post, but you will know, it has been a busy one. The children have been reading the Disgusting Sandwich in English and have been improving their writing retelling it, writing instructions and learning to use speech bubbles. In Maths we are continuing to familiarise ourselves with the number system, adding, subtracting, thinking about place value and working within ten and twenty.
During the afternoons we have been planning our allotment, learning to print make, caring for the animals, learning about the geography of the South Downs and thinking about how we keep ourselves safe and happy and ready to learn. Some of this was through regular yoga and mindfulness as well as our fill up fortnight when we offered breakfast. We have also managed to squeeze in some time to play, and our weekly outdoor learning has focussed on wood craft – we have been whittling, splitting logs, building fires and eating marshmallows! In between we have visited the bakery in town, Goodwood Home Farm and Newlands House Gallery. As I said….it’s been busy!


Charlie and Lucy enjoyed their s’mores!   More s’mores!  Building the fire and toasting.  Splitting logs using the bill hook.

Working on bonds to ten and twenty.

Mask making in phonics.

Dance with Mr Gwyn                                       Newlands House Gallery.

 Enjoying the sun at Goodwood! Breakfast time!


                                              Yoga and mindfulness.

Cali is a barrow pushing pro!


Toasting……and silage inspection!

Christmas performance


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I know it has been a real disappointment for parents not to see the Nativity live, as parents ourselves all the KS1 and Early Years staff felt as sad as you not to be able to show it. However we are really excited to share the video when it is released and we hope that one of the positives will be that you can share it with family who may have been to far away to come and watch had it been live. Here are a few photos of our final performance as it was being videoed.

Christingle in Ash Class


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Ash Class have been exploring what Christingle means to Christians.



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You will know that your child has had to come to school on a different day for P.E – this is because we have had the fantastic opportunity of gymnastics sessions with Victory Gymnastics. These sessions have been amazing for the children who have absolutely loved them. The warm up is an important part of the session but for the children it’s all about the equipment. They have been learning how to handstand this week, which you can see below, as well as practising balancing, stretching and moving on the bars and beams. Fantastic work Ash Class!

Our first week back


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Our first week back has been a busy one with lots going on. The children should have received a home learning book, more details about this can be found in the letter from Mr Galvin. The book has spellings, as well some simple maths activities which the children should be able to do on their own.

This week we have thought about Parliament week, focussing on sustainability. We have thought about how healthcare workers sustain us, and help the planet….or do they? The children have been very good at debating their points of view! In Maths we have been looking at the addition symbol and counting on.

Our Campout was a fantastic event and the children seemed to enjoy all the activities that they took part in. We used Lego to build replicas of the Houses of Parliament, made fruit kebabs,  made and iced biscuits and lots of other things. During the Campout we played lots of games and enjoyed our feast as it got dark. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Our first half term!


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It has been a busy half term in Ash Class and there has been a lot of learning going on. In English we have retold and rewritten the Goldilocks story with the children creatively replacing porridge with their own ideas for foods for Goldilocks to eat. We have now moved on to a Julia Donaldson book, linking to our author of the fortnight series, which is “The Girl, the bear and the magic shoes” It has been lovely to see the children’s confidence grow in their own abilities.
Maths has continued to develop children’s understanding of numbers to ten. You may think this is an area that your child is confident in, but we have been having fun solving problems and looking at different ways to represent numbers.
Elsewhere we have been cooking, foraging and playing, learning about our senses and our bodies and we have had two trips!

Welcome to Year 1!


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This is just a quick post to answer a few questions about Year 1. I will endeavour to post Learning updates and photos on a fortnightly basis.

PE – this is on a Wednesday. Please come to school wearing PE kit as outlined at the end of the Summer Term.

Outdoor learning/Forest school and cooking – this is on a Thursday. Please come to school wearing clothes suitable for outdoor activities, including long trousers/t shirt. Please bring a puddle suit or waterproofs and wellies as it gets colder.

If you require new school uniform (jumpers or PE tops) please see the Office or pay online via SchoolsBuddy.

Reading Records have a numbots password. Children will be introduced to this in class but can use it at home to practice their number work.

We will set spellings weekly, starting this Friday. There will be 4/5 spellings and an informal test each week. Spellings will be set on spelling shed, for which you will also receive login information. There is a blog post with details of how to use the site, linked here

Spelling shed

Miss Lenharth covers my PPA time on a Tuesday afternoon (I usually remain in school) and Mrs Groves teaches on a Friday.

Thank you!
Clare Wiggs

Last half term in Year 1


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It continues to be very busy in Ash Class as we head towards the end of the year. After encountering grass taller than most of the children in the back field, we are pausing Outdoor Learning for now. You should have received a letter about our alternative today, as well as about our exciting trip to Hogmoor enclosure. I am delighted this is able to go ahead after much delay due to COVID.
Just a few reminders ; PE will now be WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY (as we are no longer doing outdoor learning)
Spelling shed has spelling lists published weekly. These relate to our phonics in class and will ensure children go on to Year 2 with a solid phonics foundation.
Please hear your child read as often as possible.
PLEASE NOTE I am out of class next Thursday, completing a First Aid course. My planning time will be on Wednesday. Mrs Soal will be teaching on Wednesday and Mrs Mayne all day on Thursday. Apologies for the disruption.

Below are some photos of our learning over the last few weeks!

Phonics information/trip


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Dear parents

Following on from parents evening some parents have asked for advice on how best to support their child, particularly in maintaining momentum with phonics.

As a school we ask you to please read with your child 4-5 times a week. This could be a school book or something you have at home. During this time you could share the reading with them if they are less confident, or listen to them and then talk about the text.

Please also use Spelling Shed. This will focus on sounds the children have been taught the previous week and so will be familiar. If you cannot remember how to access the site, there is a previous blog post on the subject which I will link to
Spelling Shed

If you are looking for additional websites and support, I have listed some below which might be of help. These are phonics based, however please do ask if you would like some maths websites. You should also have a Numbots login.

Phonics Games 1

Phonics games 2

Phonics Comics

Phonics Games 3

Please note that most children are working within Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. Detail about this can be found below.

Letters and Sounds

If you are unsure how to pronounce some of the sounds (I was never taught phonics!) this video shows how….Pronunciation

If your child is keen on writing at home, please do encourage this! Encourage use of capital letters and full stops, finger spaces and lead ins or upstrokes on the letters. Make sure they have a go at spelling out words themselves and help them by saying the words clearly. For example if they want to spell “beach” they can break it down into a “b”, an “ee” sound which they might know is ea but may record as ee, and a “ch” sound.

I hope this is helpful. If you need more guidance, please let me know.

We had a wonderful trip on Tuesday and the children were brilliant on their first ever school trip. They were able to taste the Goodwood milk, make butter (which we ate in class on Wednesday) and spent time touring the site and viewing the cows, calves, pigs and sheep. They also learned about the difference between dairy and beef cows and how the land is used for agriculture. We were the first group to use the new facilities at the farm and it was really fantastic!

School trip TUESDAY 27th April


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Dear Parents

I am aware that Tuesday will be our first trip out of school in some time, and will in fact be Ash Class’ first school trip ever. I have visited the site today and it is beautiful, with a brand new classroom, toilets and hand washing facilities all within the lovely natural environment of Goodwood Home Farm. During the day the children will be watching the cows being milked, they will spend time in the copse and see sheep and pigs as well as having a go at making butter and trying the cream.
I have put some photos of the site below, which you may want to look at with your child so they know what to expect.

Thank you, Mrs Wiggs

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